In order to utilize our point-and-click OTDR Graphical user interface, you must follow the following steps.

If you do not have the Agilent-OTDR Viewer on your computer download the freeware version now - click here - After downloading and saving to your local hard drive, print this page or return here and follow the instructions below to associate *.sor files with the application otdrviewer.exe, enabling you to open OTDR traces under your web browser. Please note all testing has been accomplished with MS-Internet Explorer:

  1. Download file to your directory of choice (note your chosen directory).
  2. When the download is complete, select Open Folder as shown below:

  3. You now will see a window with your downloaded file in the folder you chose in item #1. The file is a self-extracting zip file. Double click and extract the files (6) onto your hard drive - by default the extraction program will choose C:\windows\TEMP. If you plan on keeping the OTDR program we suggest to choose a different folder outside of the TEMP subdirectory such as C:\hpotdr; the extraction program will generate this folder for you.
  4. After you have completed the extraction, open Windows Explorer and drill-down to the folder where you extracted the six files. You will see the viewer program with 5 other files. Double-Click on "demo15.sor" and the following window will open. Scroll down to "HPOTDRVIEW" and click OK.

  5. Now, from within windows explorer, double click"demo15.sor" You will receive an error message telling you that the file does not exist. Click OK. Windows will now launch the OTDR Viewer without the data file (*.sor) file loaded.
  6. Close the OTDR Viewer.
  7. Open Windows Explorer and select View - Folder Options - you will not have the tab available if you have the desktop icon selected - to have the file type tab available you must have any drive or file selected (notice C:/ drive is selected in blue below) -   Note: Win2000 has changed the screen, so select Tools-Folder Options to find the folder options tab within the new OS.

  8. Select file types and scroll down to *.sor files and Click the Edit Button.

  9. The following screen will appear. Click the Edit Button

  10. The following screen will appear. Remove the switch (all characters) after the 
    It should read as shown below (depending upon where you extracted the viewer you may have a different path) Click OK, Close and Close. Go to Item # 11 and test hyperlink.

  11. Here is a sample hyper-linked OTDR trace. Click here OTDR/demo15.sor -select open from location. After following the steps above, all active *.sor hyperlinks can be launched directly from from your web browser:



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